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Berkeley- La Mediterranee Restaurant, Nabolom Collective Bakery

If you are in Berkeley and want to try something a little different for lunch, head to the delightfully atmospheric La Mediterranee Restaurant on 2936 College Avenue.  There, you can devour delicious chicken skewers, pomegranate chicken legs, levant sandwiches, and chicken cilicia fillo.

And for dessert, try the Nabolom Collective Bakery on 2708 Russell Street, where you will find rich mochas, freshly made coffee cake, and free wifi.  You know, it just doesn't get much better than this!

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Berkeley- Jupiter Restaurant, Games of Berkeley, Peet's Coffee, and a movie

Jupiter(2181 Shattuck Avenue) is a lively restaurant in downtown Berkeley.  Its character filled interior has pressed tin walls and huge lighting fixtures.  There's also a beautiful courtyard out back with trees and a fountain.  It's the perfect place to sink your teeth into a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza as you enjoy the chatter of the professors and students from the university.

Another place to check out is the Games of Berkeley(2151 Shattuck Avenue), which has a great selection of old fashioned boardgames, wargames, chess sets, puzzles, and much more.  It's a throwback to the old days before computers, which is what makes it so cool.  They even conduct wargames in a downstairs venue sometimes.

Peet's Coffee and Tea(2255 Shattuck Avenue) is also a fun place visit. Just order a mocha with whipping cream and a coffee cake, and enjoy watching the world go by.

And if you like theaters that play foreign and hard to find movies, you can't do much better than the nearby Shattuck Cinema(2230 Shattuck Avenue) and California Theater(2113 Kittredge Street).  Now let the show begin!

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Berkeley- Rasputin Music, Amoeba Music, Moe's Books

If you love stores that have a huge selection of cds and dvds, you just have to head straight to Rasputin Music on 2401 Telegraph Avenue.  Hmm...and what should I buy?  How about the documentary "Berkeley in the 60's," that tells the story of the protests that took place during that era?

Anything you can't find at Rasputin's, you might find at Amoeba Music on 2455 Telegraph Avenue, which also has tons of music and movies.  Oh, cool!  They have the "Hendrix Experience" cd that has all the best songs by Jimi Hendrix!

Then foot it over to Moe's Books on 2476 Telegraph Avenue, which has 4 floors of new and used books, and is a bibliophile's paradise if ever there was one!  Let me see...wow!  they have an awesome book about traditional British pubs!  And by the way, if you were wondering who's likeness that is on the wall, it's Moe Moskowitz, who founded Moe's Books over 50 years ago.  Happy shopping!

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Berkeley- Telegraph Avenue Street Vendors, Berkeley Mural, People's Park

Are you in the market for a tie dye t-shirt or a Bob Marley sweatshirt?  How about a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or some earrings?  If your answer is yes, then make a break for the Street Vendor Stalls on Telegraph Avenue.

And don't forget to take a look at the Berkeley Mural on the side of Amoeba Music on 2455 Telegraph Avenue, which documents famous chapters in the Berkeley protest movement, such as the protest in front of Sproul Hall.

From the mural, continue down Haste Street to People's Park on Haste and Bowditch Streets, site of another of these protests, but now a green sanctuary in the heart of the city.  How things change...

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Berkeley- University of California, Berkeley

If you were a brilliant recent high school graduate in the 1960's and radical politics was your poison, you headed for UC Berkeley(on 2200 University Avenue), one the most prestigious colleges in the United States.  Home of regular protests against everything from the Vietnam War to nuclear armament, there was always something going on.

On your visit, you'll want to check out Sather Gate, the entryway to the University, Sproul Hall(the administration building), the site of a famous sit-in during the Free Speech Movemont, the Greek Theatre, where student leader Mario Savio was pulled off its stage by his tie, and the Campanile, where you can take an elevator to the top of the structure for great overall views of the surrounds.

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