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Carmel- Little Napoli Restaurant, Cafe Carmel Coffee House

If you're in the mood for Italian food, you can't do any better than Little Napoli(Dolores Street and 7th Avenue).  There you will find a pleasant country inspired atmosphere, which includes windows that are graced by red and yellow striped curtains, copper pots hanging on the walls, and a fire in the fireplace.  There's also a great old framed picture on the wall of Frank Sinatra greeting his friends at a ceremony.  Perfect place to enjoy a mouth watering pepporoni pizza!  

And for dessert, head to the delightful Cafe Carmel Coffee House(Ocean Avenue), which is faintly illuminated by several glass lighting fixtures,  all hanging in a perfect row.  It also has plenty of seating, which is even more reason to like it.  Now, just kick back and enjoy a decadent turtle brownie and a mocha with whipped cream! 

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Carmel- A Walk Around Town, Carmel Beach

Taking a walk around Carmel is really quite fun.  Its environs include fairytale cottages, Spanish-style courtyards, whimsical trees, and beautiful flowers.  Add to that a cool breeze and blue sky, and you just about have heaven on earth.

Not wanting to miss out on anything, you'll also want to wander down to the Carmel Beach on Ocean Avenue.  With its white sand and clear blue water, it's the perfect place for a relaxing stroll.  And you know, you just can't beat the soothing sound of the water crashing against the beach...

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Carmel- Dametra Cafe, Carmel Coffee House

 If you love Mediterranean food, head to the Dametra Cafe on Ocean Avenue and Lincoln.  There you can partake of some of the best food you've ever had!  My favorite items on the menu are the Jerusalem kafta kebab wrap and the gyro.  Add to that the exotic atmosphere and occasional music performances, and you have a knock-out performance!

And for dessert, grab a decadent eclair in the Spanish courtyard of the Carmel Coffee House on Ocean Avenue between San Carlos and Dolores.  Delicious!

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