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Columbia- Columbia Museum, California Store, Drug Store

The Columbia Museum(Main Street) is a good place to visit to get a background for the town straight from the people who live there.  They also have an interesting collection of old photographs, rifles, and books about the area's history.

Then there's the California Store(Main Street), where people could stock up on provisions, mining supplies, and dry goods.  These included pans, pitchers, cups, china, bottles of liquor, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Another interesting place is the Drug Store(State Street), which sold everything from arsenum to capsicum, and beyond.  And don't forget about the concoctions that were sold as medicine, but were actually just alcohol and/or other addictive drugs.  Yet another example of why those good old days weren't so good! 

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Columbia- Parrott's Blacksmith Shop, Johnson's Livery

If you're interested in what a smith can make using steel, fire and a hammer, check out Parrott's Blacksmith Shop(Main Street).  There you will find skillfully crafted nails, handcuffs, dinner bells, and barbed wire.  And don't forget about the horseshoes, which you can get inscribed with any word that you like.  COLUMBIA perhaps?

Then mosey on over to Johnson's Livery(Main Street), where horses were bought, sold, and traded.  Although no horses were around, there was a cool wagon, carriage, and even a hearse!  Now get me a dang horse, and I'll be off like a shot!

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Columbia- Masonic Hall, Native Sons of the Golden West Exhibit

The Masonic Hall of Columbia(Washington Street) is located in a beautiful 19th century red brick building.  It was the meeting place for the town's Freemasons.  Freemasonry is an influential worldwide fraternal organization that has been around for hundreds of years.  It is known for its rituals and traditions.  Famous Americans in the organization have included Presidents George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Theodore Roosevelt.

The Native Sons of the Golden West Exhibit(Main Street), on the other hand, is located in a more heavily worn brick building.  The Native Sons is a California organization dedicated to the preservation of historic gold rush sites in that state.  Famous members have included President Richard Nixon.

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Columbia- Nelson's Candy Kitchen, General Merchandise, Gazebo

One of the highlights of any trip to Columbia is a visit to the Nelson's Candy Kitchen(Main Street).  When you first walk into the place, you'll see its beautiful Victorian wallpaper, smell its delicious candy, and hear its creaky wooden floorboards.  And encased in glass, you'll find honeycomb, rocky road, almond bark, and whipping cream fudge.  Also of note are the taffy, licorice, peanut brittle, and hard drops.  Hmm...I think I'll take some of that rocky road!

Then head to the General Merchandise(Main Street) for a bottle of ice cold sarsapilla, which will assist  in washing the rocky road down your parched throat at the Gazebo(Main Street).  Ah...perfection!

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Columbia- Justice Court, Firehouse, Jail

If you found yourself on the other side of the law in 19th century Columbia, you'd be headed to the Justice Court(Main Street).  Housed in a brick structure with wooden floors, it has a picture of George Washington on one wall and a great old American flag with 31 stars on the other.  The only thing missing was a judge to hammer down the gavel!

Then there's the wonderfully preserved Firehouse(Main Street), the exterior of which sports a fine coat of rusty red paint.  Within the structure is a beautiful fire engine with bright red paint and shiny brass.  Looking at the equipment they had available, though, it's not surprising how often small fires in the 19th century could consume a whole city.

And don't forget the old Jail(Columbia Street) with its brick and stone walls, and heavy iron doors.  It's a fun place to visit, but if you were there as a prisoner back in the 1800's, it would be a whole other story.  In the summertime, it must have been comparable to Dante's Inferno!

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