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Palo Alto- Palo Alto Sol Restaurant, Facebook Corporate Headquarters

For good Mexican food in a stunning atmosphere, follow Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's lead to Palo Alto Sol Restaurant on 408 South California Avenue.  Their burrito carne asada hits the spot!  And check out the decor on the walls and the incredible Mexican tilework!

Then take a look at the low-key Facebook Corporate Headquarters on 1601 California Avenue.  As a visitor, one can walk into the reception room, but no further.  As a consolation prize, though, you can grab a tootsie pop or a york peppermint patty.  You'll also get a glimpse of 2 modern art paintings through a glass door looking into the main office space.  One is of a white t-shirt with Facebook written in black letters on it, the other of a face with 2 noses.

Visiting the headquarters and seeing media reports on Zuckerberg, an image of the man appears:

1. That the corporate headquarters is so low-key and that Zuckerberg is often uncomfortable in interviews lets you know that he is more of an introverted, private person.

2. He has been so successful at Facebook at such a young age shows that he is both highly intelligent and driven.

3. He got into mischief at Harvard, thinks of himself as a hacker, and wore a hoodie to the New York Stock Exchange, which means that he's a bit of a nonconformist.

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