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New Orleans- Homes in and around the French Quarter

I would love to have a home in New Orleans.  Especially the red one with incredible flowering plants flowing almost all the way down to the ground.  Or maybe Cruella DeVille's decadently dilapidated rust colored one with the ornate wrought iron balconies.  How about the newly painted light green one with dark green shudders?  You know, it's too hard to choose just one.  What do you think?

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New Orleans- Pat O'Brien's Courtyard Restaurant, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

If a huge burger with a big slice of cheddar cheese is your speed, Pat O'Brien's Courtyard Restaurant(624 Bourbon Street) fits the bill nicely.  Just kick back and enjoy your meal as the restaurant's fountains slowly turn from spewing water to shooting out fire!

Then make a break for Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar(941 Bourbon Street), former stomping ground of the pirate Jean Lafitte.  It's the oldest bar in the United States.  It's also one of the darkest bars I've been in, illuminated primarily by candlelight.  And when you do arrive, just grab a locally made Abita beer, find a seat, and make a toast to all of those who have come before you.

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New Orleans- Wrought Iron Balconies in the French Quarter

The wrought iron balconies in the French Quarter are incredibly beautiful.  That's why I make a point of spending a day just roming the quarter's streets, particularly Royal and Bourbon, looking up at some of the best examples of these balconies in the world.  You also won't want to miss the excellent balconies on Arnaud's and Antoinne's Restaurants, on 813 Bienville Avenue and 713 Saint Louis Street respectively.

01New Orleans 2009 2155.JPG02New Orleans 2009 2126.JPG03New Orleans 2009 1016.JPG04us west 2 1412.JPG05us west 2 1519.JPG06New Orleans 2009 2144.JPG07New Orleans 2009 2163.JPG08us west 2 1119.JPG09New Orleans 2009 2063.JPG10New Orleans 2009 2058.JPG

New Orleans- The Garden District

The Garden District is a neighborhood of beautiful homes in New Orleans.  It's a great place to take a stroll, especially on a cool afternoon.  Just make sure you bring a plastic bottle of iced tea or lemonade and a hat with you, because the sun can be quite fierce.

During my time there, I especially enjoyed seeing the neoclassical, Creole, and Victorian architecture on display.  And the massive trees, wide lawns, and colorful flowers were't half bad either!

01New Orleans 2009 1218.JPG02New Orleans 2009 1278.JPG03New Orleans 2009 1223.JPG04New Orleans 2009 1263.JPG05New Orleans 2009 1245.JPG06New Orleans 2009 1209.JPG07New Orleans 2009 1219.JPG08New Orleans 2009 1281.JPG09New Orleans 2009 1298.JPG10New Orleans 2009 1238.JPG

New Orleans- Beauregard-Keyes House

The Beauregard-Keyes House, located on 1113 Chartres Street, is a stately structure in the French Quarter that's well worth visiting.  Its exterior is painted light yellow with dark green shudders, and a gently winding set of stairs which takes you up to the front door.

The interior has fine Victorian-era wallpaper, light fixtures, and carpeting. There are also skillfully carved wooden furnishings, such as the dining room table, chairs, and cabinets.

The best feature of the home, though, is the absolutely beautiful courtyard with its lovely fountain and greenery.  Great place to kick back and have a cafe au lait and beignets!

And for those who are interested in history, the home's most famous resident was Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard.  Known for being proud of his French ancestry, he was also seen by some as being very impressed with himself.

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