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Albuquerque- Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

If you're interested in the Native Americans of the Southwest, head to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on 2401 12th Street Northwest.  Just look at those beautiful dresses with intricate designs.  And the blankets and rugs woven with both simplistic and complex geometric patterns.  My favorite works of art in the center, though, are the huge colorful murals of ceremonial dancers in the courtyard, looking as if they will jump right off the wall, and onto the ground!


Albuquerque- Old Town Basket and Rug Shop, Covered Wagon Shop

If you're looking to buy arts and crafts in Albuquerque, check out the delightful Old Town Basket and Rug Shop(301 Romero Street Northwest).  It's a large space that's packed with not only skillfully crafted baskets and rugs of the Southwest, but also beautifully painted ceramics, whimsical wind chimes, and wonderful jewelry of turquoise and silver.

The Covered Wagon Shop(2034 South Plaza Northwest) is a kick as well.  Walking inside the store, there's a huge buffalo head mounted on its wall, and a lighting fixture made of, you guessed it, a wagon wheel.  And if you're looking for moccasins, painted tilework, jumping beans, t-shirts, or key chains, they've got you covered, so to speak.


Albuquerque- La Placita Restaurant, Conquistador Statues, San Felipe de Neri Church

If you're in the mood for traditional New Mexican food and atmosphere, you can't do any better than La Placita Restaurant on 206 San Felipe Street.  Just order the enchiladas with the delicious red chile sauce or the scrumptious tacos with shredded cheddar cheese, and you'll be set!

Then go check out the incredible Conquistador Statues on Mountain Road(opposite the Museum of Natural History and Science on 1801 Mountain Road), because of course, it was conquistadors under Francisco Coronado who were the first Europeans to explore New Mexico(they were looking for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold).

And don't forget about the beautiful adobe church of San Felipe de Neri on 2005 North Plaza Street.  The day I was there, a marriage was taking place, which was pretty cool.  All the participants were standing outside the church in their Sunday best, having pleasant conversations.  I hope, for their sake, they're having the wedding reception at La Placita!


Albuquerque- Old Town Plaza

If you're looking to have a little fun in Albuquerque, check out its Old Town Plaza(303 Romero Street), which is a delightful green space where you can hear musicians singing traditional Mexican songs, both upbeat and sad.

Around this plaza is a nice selection of restaurants housed in beautiful old adobe buildings.  And don't forget the interesting stores selling everything from the tacky to the truly amazing.  Now don't waste time.  Have at it!