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Chimayo- Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant, Santuario de Chimayo, Ortega's Weaving

When you're in Chimayo, head to Rancho de Chimayo(297 Juan Medina Road) for lunch.  Walking into the place, you'd think you just arrived at the artist Frida Kahlo's house.  Each of its rooms have beautifully patterned curtains, and brightly colored tablecloths on delightfully old wooden dining tables.  Perfect place to grab a fresh fruit plate with a scoop of delicious orange sherbet.

Then drive to Santuario de Chimayo(15 Santuario Drive), which is a cute little adobe church in a quaint rural setting.  This is a place of veneration for many who say that people have been cured of diseases here.  If there are people saying the rosary in the church for their loved ones when you arrive, be respectful of this.

Oh, and don't forget to drop by Ortega's Weaving on 53 Plaza del Cerro, where you can see rugs being woven in the traditional way.  You may even want to buy one the beautiful rugs yourself!