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Las Vegas- Paris Hotel

Want a taste of the city of lights, but don't have the cash to fly over the pond?  Then visit the Paris Hotel on 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, where you can enjoy not just the Eiffel Tower, but also a cabaret, a quaint neighborhood bistro, and even Napoleon's Dueling Piano Bar.  And don't forget about the Cafe Belle Madeleine, where you can get an awesome peach pastry, sprinkled with sugar!

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Las Vegas- The Mirage Hotel

If you're looking for an adventure, make your way past the waterfalls and lakes to The Mirage Hotel(3400 South Las Vegas Boulevard), where you can enjoy its jungle of trees, slot machines, and blackjack tables.

And after you've worked up an appetite, grab a huge delicious pastrami sandwich on rye at the Carnegie Deli(inside The Mirage), followed by a large slice of cheesecake with cherries on top!

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Las Vegas- MGM Grand Hotel, Nathan's Famous Restaurant

If you like art deco, you'll love the MGM Grand Hotel(3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard).  Just check out the golden lion at the entryway, sitting in a bed of red and yellow flowers, the beautiful lighting fixtures, glowing in a moody shade of gold, and the incredibly ornate golden elevator lobby.

And while you're there, make sure to visit Nathan's Famous Restaurant, a Coney Island institution out of Brooklyn, New York, brought west just for your dining pleasure!  I myself ordered their scrumptious chili cheese dog with criss cut fries and a coke, which hit the bullseye dead on!

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Las Vegas- Sirrico's Pizza, Nine Fine Irishmen Pub

If you're looking to get a quick bite to eat in the New York New York Hotel(3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South), go to Sirrico's, which has a pleasant "neighborhood" location.  There you can order a delicious slice of New York style pizza and an ice cold coca-cola that you'll devour, of course, at a "streetside" table.

Then foot it to the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub(also located inside the hotel), which was brought over piece by piece from the emerald isle.  On entering the place, check out the fine antique lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, the cool stag's head mounted on the wall, and beautifully polished bar.  Then polish off a cold cider as you listen to some great live Irish music!

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Las Vegas- New York New York Hotel

The New York New York Hotel(3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South) is a tribute to the big apple.  It has a faux Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Greenwich Village.  Heck, there's even a faux Times Square, lights blaring away at all hours of the day!  And don't forget about the roller coaster, that hurls you upside down, through a corkscrew, and around Manhatten's tallest skyscrapers!

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