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Ashland- Pangea Restaurant, Evo's Coffee Lounge

For a more artisitic side of Ashland, check out Pangea Restaurant(272 East Main Street).  There you will find colorful paintings and beautifully executed dishes.  I personally recommend the spring chicken wrap, which is delicious!

Then head to the eccentric Evo's Coffee Lounge(376 East Main Street), which contains art that is even more avant garde than Pangea.  And if you wish to try something a bit different, order the tasty almond joy espresso.  Pair that up with a good book, and you'll be in seventh heaven.  Enjoy!

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Ashland- Louie's Restaurant, The Village Baker

Visiting Louie's Restaurant(41 North Main Street) is a must when you're in Ashland, Oregon.  Its interior has a cool wood floor and a great old bar, but in good weather, you should definitely dine out behind their place on Ashland Creek.  And what should you order?  I suggest one of their juicy bacon burgers or wraps!

Then head for The Village Baker(372 East Main Street) to grab one of their mouth-watering berry scones!  And if that doesn't sound good, order some freshly baked artisan bread, which is also excellent.  Bon appetit!

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Ashland- Bloomsbury Books, Shakespeare Books and Antiques

Being that Ashland is the home of the Shakespeare Festival, it's no surprise that it's a good place for bibliophiles.

Start out your journey at Bloomsbury(290 East Main Street), which is a cool two story bookstore with a coffee shop on the premises.  I like their fine selection of books about Shakespeare and travel, and their fine wooden staircase. 

And anything you can't find at the aforementioned place, you may find at the cosy Shakespeare Books and Antiques(163 East Main Street).  You know, I never knew how many books have been written about Shakespeare until I went to Ashland!

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Ashland- Greenleaf Restaurant, Oberon's Three-Penny Tavern

Greenleaf Restaurant(49 North Main Street) is a great place to enjoy a light sandwich, which you can wash down with a cold glass of raspberry lemonade.  And if you can do that while sitting by the beautiful Ashland Creek, all the better!

Then check out Oberon's(45 North Main Street), where you can whet your whistle in an atmospheric space that is a throwback to taverns of old.  Heck, you may even be lucky enough to enjoy some live Irish fiddle music!

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Ashland- The Black Sheep Pub

The Black Sheep(51 North Main Street) is a cool English pub in Ashland, Oregon.  It's located in a beautifully preserved 19th century structure, and contains stately lighting fixtures, fine tapestries, and lush carpeting.

Upon your arrival, I suggest you try their bangers and mash(sausages, mashed potatoes, and peas), which you can wash down with a Strongbow dry cider.

Then grab a few darts, aim for the bullseye, and realize that it just doesn't get any better this! 

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