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Mount Pleasant- Boone Hall Plantation

Approached through the incredible Avenue of Oaks, Boone Hall Plantation(1235 Long Point Road) has a typical red brick mansion with neoclassical columns and a pleasant garden.

What separates this plantation from the others is that you can see a live one person Gullah Theatre production which gives you an insight into the lives of African American slaves.  The slave quarters are also preserved.

And don't forget to hop on their open air vehicle for a tour of the property, where you might see some horses grazing in a field or a fox darting across the road.

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Charleston- Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation, on 3550 Ashley River Road, is a great place to visit.  It not only has a unique mansion with a pointed cupola and weathervane, but sobering slave cabins, and fantastic gardens.

On the grounds of the gardens are pleasant wooded paths, a tranquil nook with a bench, and a beautiful pond.  My favorite feature of the gardens, though, is the incredible hedge maze, at the center of which is a statue of a beautiful woman.

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Charleston- Homes Along the Harbor and Beyond

One of the most fun things to do in Charleston is to walk along the harbor, just looking at the city's beautiful homes.  And if you venture further inland a block or two, all the better, because these homes seem to go on forever.

One of my favorite of these homes is an incredible yellow one with black shudders and intricate wrought ironwork.  Another is a stately neoclassical brick structure with green shudders, and an elegant white one with black shudders, reached by a staircase that is dripping with ivy.

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Charleston- Beautiful Streets, Courtyards, and Gardens

When you're in Charleston, make sure to keep your eyes peeled wide open.  If you do, you'll see incredible brick and cobblestone streets once trodden upon by horsecarts and cavalry units of the American Revolution.

Finely crafted iron gates hide beautiful courtyards and gardens full to bursting with colorful flowers, exotic plants, and fantastically twisted trees that seem right out of a fairytale.  There's only one thing missing in this picture: you.

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Charleston- Edmonton-Alston House, Nathaniel Russell House

The Edmonton-Alston House(21 East Battery) is a cool three story structure on Charleston Bay with a delightful porch and an incredible brick wall and driveway.  It was here that Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard directed the bombardment of Fort Sumter, precipitating the American Civil War.

Going further inland, the Nathaniel Russell House(51 Meeting Street) is a stately red brick structure with an  intricately detailed wrought iron balcony and a beautifully landscaped garden.  And don't forget to check out the graceful winding staircase within the home, which reason enough for a visit!

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