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Memphis- The Majestic Grille, National Civil Rights Museum

The Majestic Grille(145 South Main Street) is a great place to stop for lunch.  When I went there, I ordered a pizza with pepperoni and sausage, which was incredible!  And it was great being able to watch old movies on the big screen while I ate.

I also visited the National Civil Rights Museum on 450 Mulberry Street, where I was able to experience in a visual and tactile way all the important events in the civil rights movement, from the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the March on Washington and beyond.  Don't even think of giving this place a miss.  It's great!


Memphis- Sun Studio

If you love rock and roll music, head to Sun Studio(706 Union Avenue) where it all began.  Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Carl Perkins have all made recordings here.

The studio itself is located in a cool old red brick building with green awnings.  On entering the place, you are taken back to the 1950s with its red and black dining booths, jukebox, and checkerboard floor.

The actual tour takes you through a museum containing memorabilia of rock and roll legends, most notably Elvis Presley.  The highlight of the tour, though, is being able to visit the booth where these great performers did their first recordings.


Memphis- Charles Virgo's Rendezvous, The Peanut Shoppe

If you're a lover of pork barbeque, you can't do any better than the legendary Charles Virgo's Rendezvous on 52 South 2nd Street.  Just order the ribs with their signature dry rub, and you'll be set!

Then mosey on over to the old fashioned Peanut Shoppe on 24 South Main Street.  There you can get a bag of freshly roasted peanuts to go.  And they are delicious!  Just wait a few minutes before you eat them, or you'll burn your mouth off!


Memphis- Taking a Boat Down the Mississippi River

One of the best ways to appreciate the awesome Mississippi River is by boat.  Once you get on board at 45 South Riverside Drive, just kick back on the deck and enjoy the relaxing ride past scores of green trees and a graceful double arched bridge.  Then go under another impressive bridge and back again to the towering buildings of Memphis.


Memphis- The Cotton Museum

The Cotton Museum(65 Union Avenue) is located on the old trading floor of the Memphis Cotton Exchange.  It follows the cotton production process in a way that is visual, informative, and fascinating.  And the building that houses the museum is a knockout with its marble and polished brass.  Don't miss it!