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San Antonio- The Riverwalk

The Rivercenter Mall, on 849 East Commerce Street, is where San Antonio's famous Riverwalk begins.  After you find where the boat trip starts, just hop on board, and enjoy the ride down the tranqil waterway.

During the journey, you'll pass by cool restaurants, formidable buildings, and under delightful bridges.  You'll also see beautiful green trees, colorful flowers, and graceful birds.

And when you finish your journey, don't forget to stop for a bite to eat at one of those waterside restaurants.  I forgot to, and have regretted it ever since!

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San Antonio- Schilo's Deli, Menger Bar

When you're in San Antonio, make sure to check out Schilo's Deli(424 East Commerce Street).  It's a cool old German restaurant with a tin pressed ceiling, wooden booths, tile floors, and various taxidermy on its walls.  I can't think of a better place to sink your teeth into an awesome patty melt on rye, washed down by some of their homemade rootbeer.  And for dessert, a delicious slice of cheesecake with cherries!

Then head to the 19th century Menger Bar(204 Alamo Plaza), where Teddy Roosevelt went to recruit soldiers for his Rough Riders during the Spanish American War.  There is a huge bull moose's head mounted on its wall in a nod to Roosevelt running on the Bull Moose Party ticket for president.  It's a great place to order a margarita and soak up the great atmosphere.  Here's to you, Mr. President.

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San Antonio- The Alamo

The Alamo, on 300 Alamo Plaza, was the sight of a military siege conducted by a large Mexican army against a small but determined contingent of Texans under the leadership of men such as Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie.  The Mexicans ultimately overran the structure, but at a heavy price in men and morale.  The stubborn defense of these Texans gave other Texas forces the time they needed to prepare to fight the Mexican troops, and ultimately, they were successful in winning their independence.

The grounds of The Alamo were filled with beautiful trees, gardens, and fountains.  There was also a demonstration by a championship whip cracker that was pretty cool.  Towering over everything, though, was a monument to the brave heroes who died for Texas independence.

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San Antonio- Spanish Governor's Palace

The Spanish Governor's Palace(105 Plaza de Armas) is a fine whitewashed structure that just begs to be explored.  It has ornate wrought iron lighting fixtures, finely carved wooden furnishings, and cool stone and tile floors.  My favorite feature of the palace, though, is its beautiful courtyard, which has a delightful fountain and lush garden.

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San Antonio- El Mercado(The Market)

If you're looking to check out some cool artisan made Mexican products, check out El Mercado(The Market) on 514 West Commerce Street.  There you will find beautiful Mexican bowls, pitchers, tilework, and glassware.  And don't forget about the colorful clothing, delightful music, and delicious food and drinks on offer.  The only problem you will have is finding the room in your suitcase for all the cool treasures that you've bought there!