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Colonial Williamsburg- A Peaceful Walk Through Town

Sometimes it's fun to take a pleasant stroll through a more rural area of town.  Through peaceful meadows and green forests.  Past tranquil farms and babbling brooks.

Along beautiful tree lined greens and gently humming mills.  By white picket fences and finely sculpted gardens.  In short, it is sometimes fun to just lose yourself.

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Colonial Williamsburg- The Townspeople

 One of the coolest things about Colonial Williamsburg is that the townspeople are dressed in period clothing.  Tricorne hats, long coats, and breeches for men.  Bonnets and dresses for women.

You can see a coachman taking his latest fare to the tavern and a judge headed to the courthouse for a trial.  A militiaman running to the magazine for drill practice and a farmer chopping wood for his fireplace.

Most interesting of all, though, is that you can see famous people giving speeches to the townsfolk.  George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette on why they should continue to fight against the British, and Benedict Arnold on why they should support the crown.

All in all, it is the closest you will ever come to living at the time of the American Revolution.  Don't miss it!

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Colonial Williamsburg- Prentis Shop, Christina Campbell's Tavern

If you're in the market for some finely crafted colonial era reproductions, check out the Prentis Store(Duke of Gloucester Street).  There you find glassware, teapots, tankards, and much more.  My favorite items for sale, though, were the beautifully decorated storage jars.

Then head to the delightful Christina Campbell's Tavern(101 South Waller Street) for dinner(you need to call 1-800-447-8679 for reservations).  This was George Washington's favorite eatery in town.  And how do I know this?  Because he recorded his visits to this tavern in his journal over a dozen times!

When I visited this place, I was entertained by a lady playing violin music by candlelight.  And I met Christina Campbell herself(well, an actor playing her anyway), who was an extrovert with a capital E!  Then I ordered Molly's macaroni, which was mouth wateringly delicious, followed with a tasty apple cider rum punch.  Ahh! Perfection!

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Colonial Williamsburg- Apothecary and Blacksmith Shops

The Apothecary Shop, on Duke of Gloucester Street, was the old drug store/pharmacy.  Any thought I had of wanting to live in colonial times quickly evaporated here.  Some of the diseases that are now easily cured were then a virtual death sentence.  And surgery?  I don't even want to think about that one!

My favorite items on display in the shop were the hanging skeleton and the incredible posters of the human anatomy.  My least favorite were every surgical instrument they had on display, which were painful just to look at!

And in case anyone needed horseshoes, keys, or axe blades, they could just head to the Blacksmith Shop(also on Duke of Gloucester Street) to get hooked up.

My favorite thing about the shop was that you could watch the blacksmiths stoke the fire and hammer red hot pieces of metal into perfectly sculpted implements, which was pretty cool.

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Colonial Williamsburg- Shields Tavern

One of my favorite places to eat in Colonial Williamsburg is Shields Tavern(422 East Duke of Gloucester Street).  It is the kind of experience which envelopes the senses.

First, we'll have some freshly baked rolls with real butter.  Then, a light salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese.  And for the main course, some delicious beef pasties.  Wash all of that down with some homemade rootbeer, and you've got something to write home about!

But there's more.  Pleasant conversation with a young chap, and guitar and harp music, complemented by sweet colonial era songs.  All of these elements combine to create a delightful ambience that should not be missed!

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