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Historic Jamestowne

As I crossed the long bridge into Historic Jamestowne, it was as if I were being transported back in time.  The bridge spanned a large marsh, and seeing this, it is not surprising that so many people died of disease in this place.

My crossing accomplished, I came upon a lightly forested area where I was met by a guide who gave me an overview of the history of this place.  He said that this was the first permanent English settlement in the New World, and he talked about the life of Captain John Smith, one of the colony's leaders.  Apparently, this captain led an incredibly interesting life, one of romance and adventure, which Smith himself related in a book published later in his life.  I'll definitely have to get my hands on that book!

James Fort itself was triangular in shape, and built of wood.  Protruding from the wooden walls were spikes made also of wood, meant to deter attackers.

I myself entered the fort through its red brick gate, and came upon a statue of Pocahontas, a Native American princess who had been of assistance to the English settlers.  It is said that shaking Pocahontas's hand brings one good luck, so this I did.  Then I came upon a statue of John Smith, dressed in his 17th century best, which towers over the sight.  Should Smith's statue really tower over that of Pocahontas?  Hmmm... 

Next, I entered the small brick chapel of the fort, where I saw the tomb of a knight, his effigy carved on its stone.  Fascinating!

After that, I soaked in the natural beauty of the place, which I believe, is a nature preserve.  Quite tranquil.  The green of the forest behind me, I looked out upon the calm water from whence these English explorers came.  I could see it all!

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