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Jamestown Settlement

I walked through a pleasant forest until I arrived at Jamestown Settlement, which is a re-creation of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.  It was surrounded by the high wooden walls of James Fort, which I entered through a relatively small gate. 

Upon entering, I came upon a beautiful group of timber-framed houses with thatched roofs, and cannons aplenty.  There were also people walking around in 17th century clothing, as if they were the original settlers.  This may have not been where the original settlement was located, but this was my best chance to see what the original Jamestown would have looked like to John Smith or Pocahontas.

The first structure I entered was the home of an average person of the settlement.  The accomodations were quite spartan, and the bed must have been quite hard and uncomfortable indeed.  That factored in with the brutally hot summers and brutally cold winters, rampant disease, and the fear of starvation, this place would be quite unbearable for most 21st century souls.

I then headed for a structure used to dry out the tobacco, and although I am not and never will be a smoker, it was quite an impressive sight to see such a large quantity of that light brown plant hanging from the ceiling.

I next headed for the church, which had an elevated pulpit and hard wooden benches.  Church services were mandatory, and the services lasted longer than in most churches nowadays.

After that, I headed for the armoury, which held the swords, pikes, muskets, and gunpowder of the settlement.  There was also a manual with pictures showing the steps involved in the loading and firing of a musket, which I quite enjoyed.

Off then I went to observe the real thing: a musketry demonstration!  The process took quite a few steps, and I was told that the musket was not very accurate, but when saw, and more importantly, heard the musket, I was sure it must have scared the hell out of the Native Americans, who had never seen such a weapon before!

Last of all, I headed out the back gate to see the 3 ships(re-creations, of course), that the settlers brought with them from England, which were in an excellent state of repair.  Having by then satisfied my curiousity about that period in history, I headed for my hotel.

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