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Port Townsend- Victorian Mansions, Lighthouse, and Bell Tower

If you were a wealthy Port Townsend citizen in the 19th century, you built a mansion on the hill overlooking downtown.  One of these homes still in existence is the beautiful, stately, red with blue trim Old Consolate Inn on 313 Walker Street.  Another is the spectacular, whimsical, pink with blue Ann Starrett Mansion on 744 Clay Street.  The first is now a bed and breakfast, the second, a four-star hotel(shucks-they should be museums!).

Also of note are a couple of modest yet critical structures.  One is the Dimick Lighthouse on East Sims Way, sporting a fresh coat of white paint.  The other, the rust-red Water Tower on 1046 Water Street, which has a bell that summoned the fire brigade if a conflagration transpired in the 19th century...which would be fascinating to see if you were a bystander with nothing on the line- but terrifying if your home was going up in flames!


Port Townsend- From The Bishop Victorian Hotel to the Pier

Strolling up Washington Street, past a lampost from another century, I came upon The Bishop Victorian Hotel(714 Washington Street).  On entry, I was delighted to find a tin-pressed ceiling, antique furnishings, and best of all, a friendly lady who was able to answer all my Port Townsend questions(I really will have to stay at that hotel the next time I go!).

Exiting the building to my left, I then headed down a trail to a finely sculpted Garden.  This garden had a Gazebo as its centerpiece, and more than enough benches for one to sit and enjoy the environs.  And this I did.

Thusly rested, I retraced my steps to the other side of the hotel, where I admired Port Townsend's Victorian Fountain.  Surrounded by greenery and surmounted by a scuplture of a beautiful woman, it was the epitome of grace and elegance.

Rounding out my day, I walked to the town's Pier(which was visible from Water Street), where I watched the ships sail through the icy cold water.  Sometimes, a restful day is just what the doctor ordered!


Port Townsend- Victorian-Era Water Street

Are you willing to suspend disbelief, and join me on a walk back into 19th century Port Townsend?  Alright then.  We are now on Water Street.  This is the commercial thoroughfare of town, which is lined with stately brick and stone buildings, some painted in vivid blues, whites, and yellows.  Trees of green and flowers of purple, yellow, pink, and white also add a vibrant splash of color to the scene.

Men sporting dark colored double-breasted suits tip their top hats to women in beautiful brightly-colored dresses.  Shop owners wearing aprons stand outside their stores in the hope of securing a sale.  Industrious coopers roll their finely-crafted barrels down the street.  Police officers walk their beat, nightsticks in hand, chatting with passersby of the day's goings on.  Beautiful dream.  Or is it real?  You decide...


Port Townsend- Jefferson County Historical Museum, Jefferson County Courthouse

Port Townsend has two wonderful 19th century civic buildings.  One is the Jefferson County Historical Museum on 540 Water Street, which has a handsome and sturdy red brick exterior.  On its interior, there are beautiful brass Victorian-era lighting fixtures, flamboyant burgundy carpeting, and a masterfully carved wooden staircase and judge's bench.

The Jefferson County Courthouse on 1820 Jefferson Street is also something else.  It has an incredible brick and stone exterior, and an elegant clock tower that is right out of a fairy tale.  On the interior, there are old-fashioned doors with opened glass vents above them that are right out of a movie from the 1940s, and the floor is covered with intricately patterned 19th century tiles.  Just give me a summons and I will report to that building for jury duty any day!



Port Townsend- Fountain Cafe, Elevated Ice Cream, Sirens Pub

If you happen to be in Port Townsend, Washington and hunger is an issue, the Fountain Cafe on 920 Washington Street fits the bill nicely.  Dimly lit with dark yellow walls and a cozy dining area, it is the perfect place to dig into a fresh garden salad and a succulent wild boar sloppy joe!

Then head on down the road to Elevated Ice Cream on 631 Water Street for some rich and creamy ice cream.  And what sounds better, a hot fudge sundae or a banana split?  Why, a banana split, of course!

The Victorian-inspired Sirens Pub on 823 Water Street is also a cool space.  Decorated with a brown wood bar, Tiffany lighting fixtures, and greenery aplenty, it's a great place to relax with a drink and watch the sun evaporate.