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Seattle- Cafe Ladro, El Diablo Coffee Company

One of my favorite coffeehouses in Seattle is the Cafe Ladro on 2205 Queen Anne Avenue North.  It has a cool red brick exterior, and is fronted by a handful of adirondack chairs.  The interior has dark brown and red walls, creating a moody, yet sophisticated atmosphere.  And don't forget the incredible splash of stained glass over the bar!  Best of all, though, is grabbing a Medici, which is a decadent mocha with a touch of orange.  Definitely the best coffee drink I had in Seattle!  Paired with a delicious slice of coffee cake, you will definitely be in heaven!

On the other side of the coin is El Diablo Coffee Company on 1811 Queen Anne Avenue North, #101, home of the fallen angel!  With red devils painted all over its walls and tables, you'll have to make sure you don't get roasted over an open fire or stabbed by one of their pitchforks!  And don't forget about their Latin-inspired menu.  Hmm...  How about a Mexican hot chocolate and a plateful of empanadas?



Seattle- Fremont Neighborhood

Do the words quirky, eccentric, artistic, and creative appeal to you?  If so, you have to check out Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.  From downtown, you'll want to go north across the Fremont Bridge(a quaint blue structure), then park so you can see Rapunzel letting down her golden hair(in neon) in a window on the bridge.

Proceeding down Fremont Avenue North(going north), you will come to the sculpture Waiting for the Interurban on the corner of Fremont Avenue North and North 34th Street.  Then continue north on Fremont Avenue North for a block and you'll find the Center of the Universe Directional Marker(because the Fremont neighborhood is, of course, the center of the universe!).

Next, make a left on North 35th Street and you will see the Fremont Rocket(told you this neighborhood is something else!) on North 35th Street and Evanston Avenue North.  From there, go north on Evanston Avenue North until you find the statue of Vladimir Lenin(tongue in cheek, of course!) on Evanston Avenue North and North 36th Street.

And our last stop takes us east on North 36th Street for three block until we come face to face with the famous Fremont Troll(under a bridge, VW Bug in hand!).



Seattle - Roxy's Diner, Theo Chocolate

In the mood for a New York deli-style sandwich?  Then make like a bandit for Roxy's Diner on 462 North 36th Street.  Within its colorful confines, you can tear into a delicious hot pastrami on rye, and of course, fries on the side, all washed down with a black cherry cola.  Ahh!

Thusly fortified, skip over to Theo Chocolate on 3400 Phinney Avenue North for an informative tour of their beautiful red brick chocolate factory.  And don't forget to try as many varieties of the free chocolate samples available at the end of the tour as you can get your hands on!


Seattle- University of Washington

The University of Washington, named after that great Virginian, has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.  With handsome brick buildings, wide lawns, and a stately fountain, you would think you were at an Ivy League school in the Northeastern U.S.  Taking my comparison further, some of its structures even look like English manor houses.

But the most impressive place on campus is the Suzzallo Library, which seems straight out of the pages of a gothic fantasy story.  Its exterior looks like an elegant yet subdued royal chapel, paving the way for the impact of the interior's stunning Graduate Reading Room, complete with hammer-beam ceiling and huge chandeliers!  Definitely reminiscent of a medieval banquet hall of Henry VIII!


Seattle- Seattle Center Monorail and Space Needle

To see impressive remnants of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, head to the Seattle Center Monorail on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Pine Street.  The monorail is a slightly more futuristic aboveground subway.

Just buy a ticket, get on board, and enjoy the view as you are zipped over to the Space Needle(400 Broad Street), a thin, towering structure straight out the cartoon "The Jetsons."

Then take the elevator up to the pinnacle of the structure for an incredible bird's eye view of the soaring buildings of downtown, the ever so blue Elliot Bay, the delightful rolling hills of the Queen Anne neighborhood, and beyond...