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Bath- A Walk Around Town

Bath is one of the prettiest small towns in England, and it's the perfect place for a stroll.  On my visit, I saw beautiful flowers, buildings of honey-colored stone, church steeples, and wonderful restaurants and pubs.  No wonder it's been a holiday destination of English aristocrats for hundreds of years! 

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Bath- The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths on York Street is one of the best preserved ancient baths in the world.  It is an atmospheric place with Roman statues, columns, and(of course) the beautiful rectangular bath itself. 

I can just imagine Roman soldiers coming here to take a dip in the soothing warm water after a great military campaign.  What splendid conversations they must have had!  Or perhaps Victorian aristocrats, with their stiff upper lips(not nearly as interesting!).

And after their swim, the patrons would drink the bath's water, which was said to have curative properties.  I even decided to have a drink of the water myself, but I don't recommend it!      

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