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Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton Court had one of the coolest gardens in England, even though the day I visited it was one of the hottest days in English history.  There were paths made of pebbles, trees that looked like gumdrops, and hedges the shape of arches.  There were also fountains in shimmering pools of water and flowers of red, orange, white, yellow, and purple.  If you go to England, definitely don't miss this place!

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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court, an easy day trip from London, was my favorite palace in England.  It was a formidable red brick structure that dominated its environs.  Just outside the building were ten intricately carved stone statues of animals and mythological creatures placed on pedestals, some holding royal coats of arms.  Also of note were the Tudor-era chimneys with their varied geometric patterns.

Inside the palace, I was struck by the majesty of the great hall with its hammer-beam ceiling, stained-glass, hunting trophies, and tapestries.  Even greater, though, was the beautiful painting of King Henry VIII with his Queen Jane Seymor(his favorite), and children Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth.  An incredible piece of propaganda if ever there was one!

And Henry VIII, of course, was this building's most famous resident.  He was best known for having six wives, breaking with the church of Rome, and his lavish banquets.

On a more personal level, if Henry was your friend, you would be lavished with gifts and titles.  Once he soured on you, though(and he usually did), watch out!  Just asked his wives that he executed!

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