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London- The Black Friar and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

If you're interested in having a grand old night at the pubs, The Black Friar on 174 Queen Victoria Street is a great place to start.  With its superb Art Nouveau interior and its cheery and chatty residents staring down on you, this is a cozy place to wile away the hours.

And if the spirit so moves you, head over to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on 145 Fleet Street, the most famous pub in London.  Rebuilt after the great fire of 1666, this place is an institution.  It would be a chore to come up with a list of the names of the Londoners who haven't been there.  It has a fine wood interior, floors covered with sawdust, and cool old paintings on its walls.  In short, walking into here is like walking into quicksand, only you'll have a blast here!

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London- Zizzi Restaurant, Covent Garden Market

I must admit that Italian food is a favorite of mine, so when in London, I head for Zizzi Restaurant on 20 Bow Street.  There I can feast on delicious raviolis or excellent pizza in comfortably modern surroundings.

And just a hop, skip, and a jump away is the always fun Covent Garden Market on Henrietta Street, where vendors sell everything from paintings to t-shirts to jewelry.  My favorite reason for visiting the market, though, is to see the street entertainers.  Musicians, comedians, jugglers, and magicians all work hard hard to separate you from your British pound, and all and all, it's great fun!

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London- Tower of London

The Tower of London on Tower Hill Road is an awe-inspiring gray fortress that was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.  It is widely known as the most dreaded prison in England.

And for some, it was their last stop.  Seven people were executed within this fortress, including two of King Henry VIII's wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.  There were also two princes murdered here, Edward V and his brother Richard.  Even today, it is said that their spirits haunt this place

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London- Anchor Pub, George Inn

Being of a mind to patronize a pub with literary associations, I stumbled upon The Anchor on 34 Park Street.  Here I imbibed a pint of London's finest, with the shadow of WS and his company weighing heavily upon me.  And a boisterous crew they were, carrying on about what they called "The Scottish Play."

Further on, down a cobbled lane I went, eventually coming upon The George Inn on 77 Borough High Street, one of the few surviving galleried inns in the country.  Therein I was approached by a kindly bearded gentleman who momentarily thought I was his publisher.  "No such luck," I told him.  "And by the way," I said, "Are you the genuis who wrote Great Expectations?"  In response, the gentleman just smiled, then faded away.


London- Borough Market

Hanging out at The Borough Market on Borough High Street is a relaxing way to spend the day.  Need some oranges, peaches, or pineapples?  No problem.  How about some flowers?  Done.

And for lunch, Black and Blue Restaurant on 1 Rochester Walk hits the spot.  It's a lively place, and it has great salads!

You might also consider checking out Neal's Yard Dairy at 6 Park Street, where you can try some excellent cheese.  Bon appetit!

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