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Murano- Its Famous Glass

The island of Murano, an easy day trip from Venice(by boat, of course), is the place for glass.  Need a glass vase with yellow, orange, and red stripes for your wife's flowers on Valentine's Day?  They have one for you.  How about a green and black striped bowl for your chips while you're watching The World Cup?  No problem.  Some red and blue pitchers and glasses to put your wine in?  Done!

01Venice 2011 710.JPG02Venice 2011 683.JPG03Venice 2011 663.JPG04Venice 2011 662.JPG05Venice 2011 701.JPG06Venice 2011 691.JPG07Venice 2011 693.JPG08Venice 2011 700.JPG09Venice 2011 695.JPG10Venice 2011 702.JPG