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Lisbon- Naval Museum, Monument to the Discoveries, Belem Tower

I have always been fascinated with The Age of Exploration, so I headed for The Naval Museum.  Here I saw portaits and/or sculptures of Pedro Alvares Cabral, who discovered Brazil, Prince Henry the Navigator, who created The Portuguese Naval School, and Vasco da Gama, who was Portugal's first explorer to reach India by ship.  There were also cool old maps, models of ships, and nautical tools.

Then I headed to the water to see The Monument to the Discoveries, which was made of stone, and featured amazing likenesses of the great explorers.

Right next door was The Belem Tower, which was the starting point for many of the expeditions aforementioned.  Just imagine: being one of the first Europeans to visit places like India, China, and Japan, meeting their people and learning their languages and customs.  That would have been incredible!                                 


Lisbon- Monastery of Saint Jerome

Prince Henry the Navigator began construction of The Monastery of Saint Jerome(on Praca do Imperio) in the 15th century.  This was The Golden Age of Portugal.  A tax levied on Portuguese merchants who traded with the East helped to finance it.

The monastery is built in the late gothic style.  On its exterior, there are incredibly detailed statues of the saints.  The interior contains an awe-inspiring fan-vaulted ceiling, and the spectacular marble tomb of Vasco de Gama, Portugal's foremost merchant and explorer.  Further on, its cloisters are among the most beautiful and well-kept in Europe, and are perfect for a stroll.


Lisbon- Cafe A Brasileira

The Cafe A Brasileira(on Rua Garret 120) is an incredible century-old cafe in Lisbon, Portugal.  This Art Deco structure has a cool oak bar, walls lined with mirrors, and a black and white checkered floor of marble.

Here, writers and artists would come to chat with their friends for hours, so that is just what I decided to do.  My drink of choice that day was a delicious cup of coffee(made from coffee beans that were grown in the Minas Gerais state in Brazil, hence the name of the cafe).  I paired that with a decadent slice of chocolate cake.  Sublime.