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Granada- The Artisan's Market(Mercado de Artesania)

Isabella and Ferdinand had the idea that they were going to get rid of the Islamic influence in Spain.  Fat chance!  And I'm glad for that!  All you have to do is go to The Artisan's Market(Mercado de Artesania) on Calle Reyes Catolicos in Granada to see that.  It's kind of like a little slice of Morocco in Spain.

Need a beautiful star-shaped lamp with colored glass like they sell in Marrakesh?  Sold!  How about a nargile for smoking apple-flavored tobacco like they have in Tangier?  No problem!  A smooth, classy, leather purse like the ones you'd find in Fez?  No sweat!  There are also shirts, blouses, scarfs, and rugs aplenty.

Just kick back and sip the mint tea the shopkeeper offers you while you bargain hard for the item of your choice.  And by the way: have fun with it!



Granada- The Alhambra

The Alhambra (on Cuesta de Gomerez) is a Moorish palace located in Granada, Spain that was built in the 14th century. It was the palace of Boabdil, who is famous for having been defeated by Ferdinand and Isabella.

It is the greatest example of Moorish architecture in existence, and as such, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is also one of the greatest tourist attractions in Europe, so it is necessary to get a reservation in advance to see it.

When I myself visited, I was most struck by the incredibly detailed craftsmanship of the structure.  Of particular note were the flower-shaped ceiling of The Hall of Abencerrajes and The Court of Lions, although the lion fountain in the courtyard was being restored.  No matter.  The palace was incredible!  I could just imagine Boabdil lying on a couch in one of the rooms of the palace, puffing on his nargile!

I also enjoyed the palaces delightful gardens and fountains.  Being that the Moors were originally from North Africa, which has little rainfall, you can understand why they loved gardens.  Then, with visions of grandeur in my head, I headed off for my hotel.



Granada- Royal Chapel of Ferdinand and Isabella

Ferdinand and Isabella were the Catholic Monarchs of Spain during its Golden Age.  They unified the kingdom and drove the Moors out of Spain.  They also sent Columbus west, where he discovered the New World.  Soon thereafter, gold flooded into Spain on its galleons.

The Royal Chapel (on Gran Via De Colon) in Granada is the burial place of these monarchs because Granada was the scene of their great victory over Moors.  This structure had a beautiful fan-vaulted ceiling, and a stunningly ornate altar, with painted statues of Ferdinand and Isabella kneeling, facing the altar.  The highlights of this place, though, were the exquisitely carved marble effigies of the monarchs.  What a way to immortalize them!