Eugene- Oregon Electric Station Restaurant

The Oregon Electric Station(27 East 5th Avenue) is one of my favorite restaurants in Eugene.  It's located in a beautiful red brick structure that is over a hundred years old, and has large rounded Victorian windows, rich dark wood, and fine antique lighting fixtures.

It's a great place to kick back and have a leisurely lunch.  I personally recommend their french dip sandwich and some fries, all washed down with a roy rogers or three!  And if the spirits so move you, mosy on over to the bar for something a bit stronger!   

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Eugene- Eating My Way through the Saturday Market

If you're looking for delicious food in Eugene, look no further than the Saturday Market(8th and Oak).  There you will find food from countries such as India, Thailand, Italy, France, Mexico, and of course, the good old USA.

  My personal favorite is the Mexican food at Ritta's.  Their deluxe burrito has all the fixings you could want, and when you pair it up with a Saturday Sunrise(their signature drink), you have a smashing combination indeed!

Then hightail it to the Hideaway Bakery for a marionberry pastry, which is sprinkled liberally with almond slivers.  After sinking your teeth into one of those, you'll never want to buy old pastries wrapped in plastic at the store again!     


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Eugene- Eugene Saturday Market

If you visit just one place in Eugene, Oregon make it the Saturday Market(8th and Oak).  It's a great place to see the locals at play.  It's also a heck of a lot of fun! 

When you visit, you'll be delighted by the variety of things on offer.  From colorful t-shirts and paintings to eccentric hats and sun catchers.  From delicious fruits and vegetables to flowers of every hue.

And that's not even mentioning the musicians, face painters, and fortune tellers, all eager to earn your buck.  Now what are you waiting for?  Have at it! 

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Ashland- Pangea Restaurant, Evo's Coffee Lounge

For a more artisitic side of Ashland, check out Pangea Restaurant(272 East Main Street).  There you will find colorful paintings and beautifully executed dishes.  I personally recommend the spring chicken wrap, which is delicious!

Then head to the eccentric Evo's Coffee Lounge(376 East Main Street), which contains art that is even more avant garde than Pangea.  And if you wish to try something a bit different, order the tasty almond joy espresso.  Pair that up with a good book, and you'll be in seventh heaven.  Enjoy!

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Ashland- Louie's Restaurant, The Village Baker

Visiting Louie's Restaurant(41 North Main Street) is a must when you're in Ashland, Oregon.  Its interior has a cool wood floor and a great old bar, but in good weather, you should definitely dine out behind their place on Ashland Creek.  And what should you order?  I suggest one of their juicy bacon burgers or wraps!

Then head for The Village Baker(372 East Main Street) to grab one of their mouth-watering berry scones!  And if that doesn't sound good, order some freshly baked artisan bread, which is also excellent.  Bon appetit!

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