Travel Tips

1. Go to to get ideas on where to go.

2. Bring one or two travel guides with you on your trip. The more information you have about your destination, the better.

3.  If you are staying in a hotel or motel overnight, get reservations in advance.

4. Mapquest your trip in advance if necessary.  Finding your way around a new city is difficult without directions.

5. Watch movies, read novels, and do research on Wikipedia about your destination.

6. Big cities are the best travel destination.  There, you will find a much larger variety of restaurants, cafes, museums, palaces, etc.

7. Don't bring too much luggage.  Dragging too much luggage up and down stairs and hills is a major pain.

8. Don't forget any personal necessities while you are packing.

9. Don't wear new shoes on vacation.

10. Have fun!