Albuquerque- Old Town Basket and Rug Shop, Covered Wagon Shop

If you're looking to buy arts and crafts in Albuquerque, check out the delightful Old Town Basket and Rug Shop(301 Romero Street Northwest).  It's a large space that's packed with not only skillfully crafted baskets and rugs of the Southwest, but also beautifully painted ceramics, whimsical wind chimes, and wonderful jewelry of turquoise and silver.

The Covered Wagon Shop(2034 South Plaza Northwest) is a kick as well.  Walking inside the store, there's a huge buffalo head mounted on its wall, and a lighting fixture made of, you guessed it, a wagon wheel.  And if you're looking for moccasins, painted tilework, jumping beans, t-shirts, or key chains, they've got you covered, so to speak.




Very cool looking shops! Thanks for sharing!

Darren Collins

They were cool shops. Thanks for the feedback!

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