Charleston- Beautiful Streets, Courtyards, and Gardens

When you're in Charleston, make sure to keep your eyes peeled wide open.  If you do, you'll see incredible brick and cobblestone streets once trodden upon by horsecarts and cavalry units of the American Revolution.

Finely crafted iron gates hide beautiful courtyards and gardens full to bursting with colorful flowers, exotic plants, and fantastically twisted trees that seem right out of a fairytale.  There's only one thing missing in this picture: you.

01Charleston 2009 1221.JPG02Charleston 2009 1223.JPG03Charleston 2009 819.JPG04Charleston 2009 825.JPG05Charleston 2009 973.JPG06Charleston 2009 1122.JPG07Charleston 2009 840.JPG08Charleston 2009 842.JPG09Charleston 2009 1226.JPG10Charleston 2009 1227.JPG


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