Charleston- Homes Along the Harbor and Beyond

One of the most fun things to do in Charleston is to walk along the harbor, just looking at the city's beautiful homes.  And if you venture further inland a block or two, all the better, because these homes seem to go on forever.

One of my favorite of these homes is an incredible yellow one with black shudders and intricate wrought ironwork.  Another is a stately neoclassical brick structure with green shudders, and an elegant white one with black shudders, reached by a staircase that is dripping with ivy.

01Charleston 2009 153.JPG02Charleston 2009 765.JPG03Charleston 2009 126.JPG04Charleston 2009 129.JPG05Charleston 2009 814.JPG06Charleston 2009 831.JPG07Charleston 2009 759.JPG08Charleston 2009 132.JPG09Charleston 2009 976.JPG10Charleston 2009 974.JPG


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