County Meath- Newgrange, Trim Castle, Hill of Tara

Newgrange is an impressive circular structure of stone and earth that holds sway over the Boyne Valley in Ireland.  It was built thousands of years ago, and was used for religious purposes.

When visiting inside of the structure, though, watch your head, because it definitely wasn't built for tall people!

Flash forward a few thousand years, and you come upon the atmospheric Trim Castle, which was built by the the Anglo-Normans in order to control the native Irish that they had recently conquered.

I'm sure that the Irish hated the place(no surprise) when it was built, but as a visitor, it will take you back to a romantic world of brave knights and their fair maids!

And don't forget about the Hill of Tara, which was the seat of the high kings of Ireland, and a major stopping point for Saint Patrick on his road to converting the Irish to Christianity.

In essense, a more Irish place there isn't! 

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