Salem- Witch Trials, Witch Museum, House of the Seven Gables

In the years 1692 and 1693, hell was let loose on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts.  This was the time of the Salem Witch Trials, when neighbor accused neighbor of colluding with the devil.  The ultimate victims in this tragedy were the 19 poor souls who were condemned to death by the courts.  Most of these met their end with a trip to the gallows.

It is a period in our history that we will never forget.  Even today, when people are accused of commiting a crime without any real proof to back it up, we compare it to the Salem Witch Trials.

When you visit Salem, make sure to stop at the Salem Witch Museum(19 1/2 North Washington Square).  Housed in a former church, it has a cool old audiovisual presentation on the trials that I highly recommend.  It also has a good collection of books on the trials for sale in the gift shop.

Then visit the incredible House of the Seven Gables(115 Derby Street), which was around at the time of the trials.  Looking at the formidable and slightly forboding structure, it's not surprising that Nathaniel Hawthorne used it as a model for his gothic horror story of the same name.

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