San Antonio- Schilo's Deli, Menger Bar

When you're in San Antonio, make sure to check out Schilo's Deli(424 East Commerce Street).  It's a cool old German restaurant with a tin pressed ceiling, wooden booths, tile floors, and various taxidermy on its walls.  I can't think of a better place to sink your teeth into an awesome patty melt on rye, washed down by some of their homemade rootbeer.  And for dessert, a delicious slice of cheesecake with cherries!

Then head to the 19th century Menger Bar(204 Alamo Plaza), where Teddy Roosevelt went to recruit soldiers for his Rough Riders during the Spanish American War.  There is a huge bull moose's head mounted on its wall in a nod to Roosevelt running on the Bull Moose Party ticket for president.  It's a great place to order a margarita and soak up the great atmosphere.  Here's to you, Mr. President.

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