Seville- Seville Cathedral

When the Christian Spaniards reconquered Seville from the Islamic Moors in the 15th century, they determined to build a cathedral so large, that anyone visiting it would think them insane.  Mission accomplished.  To this day, it is the largest gothic cathedral(on Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes) in the world.

Herein lies the incredible tomb of Christopher Columbus, which is held aloft by four noble Spanish pallbearers.  This ambitious Genoan mariner lies here for one reason: he discovered the New World.

Further on, the altarpiece of the cathedral is stunning, and is decorated with several thousand pounds of gold brought back from the New World by Hernan Cortes.  This altarpiece is a physical manifestation of Spain's Golden Age, and the city that embodied that age more than any other was Seville itself, being the port into which the New World gold flooded.

Along with this gold came the age's greatest writers and painters, such as Miguel Cervantes and Diego Velazquez.  And if I had been alive then, I would have gone there too!



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