Seville- Flamenco at Los Gallos and Maria Louise Park

There is nothing that beats seeing a live Flamenco performance, especially at Los Gallos Plaza de la Santa Cruz.  The energy that the performers exhude is incredible!  The peformance starts out slowly with with a sad song.  Then, all of the sudden, a beautiful dancer erupts into a feverish display of footwork that holds everyone in a trance.  Then, as the performance comes to a crashing halt, the crowd applauds!

Also impressive is a stroll through Maria Luisa Park on Avenue del Cid.  It lush, green environs, delightful pools of water, and bouganvilla captivate me.  What I most remember, though, are the graceful statues of three young sisters seated on a bench, dreaming of their true loves.  Enchanting!



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