Seville- The Barrio Santa Cruz

The Barrio Santa Cruz is the old medieval Jewish Quarter in Seville.  Its narrow lanes open into delightfully small plazas lined with mansions.  In these plazas are orange trees, benches made with beautifully painted tilework, and tranquil fountains.  Looking closer at the mansions, I notice that many of them have patios with flowering plants.

This is the neighborhood through which the penitents with their tall, dark hoods carry the Virgen de la Macarena during Semana Santa.  As their procession winds through the streets, men sing saetas(sad songs) as they have done here for hundreds of years.  Overall, there is a solemn spendor to this ceremony.

This is also the Spain of your dreams.  Carmen would come here to embrace her lovers.  Don Juan would stroll from tavern to tavern in search of wine, women, and song.  And for you?  Who knows what awaits?




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