Vacherie- Oak Alley Plantation

If you want to visit a plantation that seems to have lept right out of the pages of the novel "Gone with the Wind," look no further than Oak Alley on 3645 Louisiana 18.

When you arrive on the property, take the brick walkway through an incredible alley of twisted and writhing oak trees to the beautiful Greek revival home.  Then a guide in period costume will lead you on a tour through the fully furnished structure, at the end of which you can buy a mint julip to sip on the terrace.

I have been told that Oak Alley is building a new Slavery Exhibit, which is crucial to having a complete understanding of this era.

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Darren Collins

Glad you liked it!

Oak Alley Plantation

Darren, thanks for visiting with us and thanks of the beautiful photos! Was your visit recent, as I see your post if dated Feb 2013.

We are nearing the completion of the multi-year construction of our Slavery Exhibit, which includes 6 reconstructed slave quarters to be used to tell a very detailed story of slavery at Oak Alley. As of today, 5 of the 6 quarters are completed, and one is now open as a museum for our Slavery Exhibit. The full exhibit will be open by this spring.

Slavery was a sad part of American history that we agree cannot be ignored, and we are working hard to develop a exhibit that is honest, accurate, and detailed to the lives of slaves here at Oak Alley.

We hope you didn't miss all that... its located about 100 yards to the back of the Big House.

Darren Collins

Thanks for the comments and the new information. I think the new Slavery Exhibit is crucial to having a fuller understanding of the era.

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